Water Search and Rescue

Water Search and Rescue

The Water Rescue Department was formed in 2000 from HRT members who had a relation to the sea and, generally, with the element of water.

Beginning its action with meager resources, the WRD is today one of the most essential departments of the Organization. Its mission is search and rescue at sea, rivers, lakes, in areas were floods prevail and generally wherever the element of water represents a danger to human life.

The department’s equipment consists of inflatable rescue speedboats, diving equipment, specialized equipment for rescue in swift water, first aid equipment and telecommunications equipment.  The WRD has been significantly supported regarding its level of equipment, rescue boats and training from some of the most prestigious organizations – members of the International Maritime Rescue Federation, such as the Norwegian RS, the English, RNLI, the Swedish SSRS, the German DGzRS and the Dutch KNRM.

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