Mountain Search and Rescue

Mountain Search and Rescue

The Mountain Rescue Department is the oldest department of the Hellenic Rescue Team and is comprised of volunteers who love mountains and are active in mountain sports. The purpose of the Department is to provide aid and participate in search and rescue operations whenever the need arises.

The Department has all the necessary specialist equipment in order to intervene in mountaineering and airplane accidents, always completing even the most difficult operations. The members of the Mountain Rescue Department are trained volunteers, each of whom has specialised in the area that he or she wants to contribute to: tall mountains, rocks, ski patrol, canyon or mountain skiing. The Department has had a long-term collaboration with the Air Force and the Army Aviation for over 30 years. Members are trained by instructors who have themselves been specially trained by or attended modules, trainings and exercises and collaborate with specialist teams abroad, each of which is specialised in its own field (Austria for avalanches, Serbia for ski patrol, France for mountain rescue and helicopter operations).

Mountain Rescue Departments exist in almost every branch of the Hellenic Rescue Team, so that every mountainous region of Greece is covered.

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