Training Division

The Training Division of the Hellenic Rescue Team is responsible for all issues relating to member training at a national level. It was established in May 2002, when the HRT was reorganised. It supervises all the training of the Team’s members and also participates in the international activities of the worldwide bodies for each specialisation (mountain rescue, water, disasters, search and rescue dogs), in order to be able to monitor and apply the updated international guidelines.

The Hellenic Rescue Team’s trainers and assistant trainers are educated under the aegis of the Training Division throughout Greece and they, in their turn, organise the different schools for each specialisation every year.

In addition to the training programme, the Training Division holds exercises, conferences and workshops on a national level in order to notify members of all the developments and new guidelines issued by the international bodies of which the HRT is a member.

The Training Division members have been trained and certified in Greece and abroad by various bodies, such as ICAR, Bergwacht, ANENA, NAEMT, ERC, and others. The goal is to maintain a high standard of training for the members of the HRT and, at the same time, to train third parties through collaborations or training days.

Hellenic Rescue Team
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