Training Directorate

The Hellenic Rescue Team Training Directorate is the competent body for all the training issues in HRT. Its main task is to organize, conduct and monitor all training courses that are carried out for volunteers all over Greece. Moreover, its members participate in international events, conferences and exercises, in order to apply the updated instructions that are internationally valid to HRT.

The HRT Training Directorate appoints all instructors and their assistants in every branch, who are then responsible to organize and conduct different trainining courses for mountain and water rescue, urban search and rescue and first aid.

Apart from the training courses, the Hellenic Rescue Team Training Directorate organises exercises, conferences and workshops, aiming at promoting and disseminating all developments and new guidelines issued from international federations and associations.

People who staff the training directorate have been trained abroad and in Greece by various organizations, such as IKAR-CISA, Bergwacht, NAEMT, ERC, etc. Their goal is to maintain the high training level of HRT members and train others, through cooperations or workshops.

The head of Training Directorate is Zafiris Trompakas.

Hellenic Rescue Team
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