The Hellenic Rescue Team operates in the following areas:

Mountain Search and Rescue
The Mountain Rescue Department is Hellenic Rescue Team's oldest department. It is staffed by members who love mountaineering and are engaged in mountain sports
Water Search and Rescue
Staffed by speed boat operators, sailors, lifeguards and support staff, the department contributes to Search and Rescue (S.A.R.) in sea, rivers and lakes
Urban Search and Rescue
The purpose of this department is the immediate response during extensive disasters all over the world
First Aid
The goal of this department is to provide First Aid training to all HRT volunteers and to every individual who is keen on learning how to save a life
Search dogs
The Department of Search and Rescue Dogs of the Hellenic Rescue Team was founded for supporting the other departments in the search for missing persons.
Research and Technology
The use of the specialised knowledge of members of the H.R.T. led to the use of modern technology and focus on the creation of applications and devices which are useful in Search and Rescue.
This HRT department collects, transports and distributes humanitarian aid to communities or individuals affected by natural disasters or degrading situations, as well as administer assistance and relief programs both in Greece and in third countries, in collaboration with both Greek Authorities and the European Union (ECHO).

Hellenic Rescue Team
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